Gacha Life Our Friends of TikTok Volume 1

Volume Edition 1: This is a mix media of Gacha Characters along with the Real Video from "Our Friends on TikTok" that have built a community for us on there.

Our friends have created more great content than what is showcased in this curated short video.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.  We also requested permission to use their TikTok content to make this short video, and we are very appreciative .

Gacha Life - Jogging Chance of Rain Risk

Jogging and Chance of Rain Risk

So I was about to go for a jog.
Then I noticed it looks like there’s a chance it could rain.
I’m not gonna risk it.

Gacha Life - Unicorn Hat for TikTok

Unicorn Hat for TikTok

Hey, y’all. I’m so excited.
Don’t get jealous. I got it on Amazon.
You ready?
Who’s ready to duet me?
Unicorn…. ha ha ha ha ha

Gacha Life - Got No Friends on TikTok

Got No Friends on TikTok

I don’t got no friends.
I can sit at home with no pants on all day. Hey!

Gacha Life - Eating Hobbies

Eating Hobbies

My hobbies including eating and...
Um, planning what I’m gonna be eating next.

Gacha Life - Still Celebrating

Still Celebrating

Wife said to her husband. She said...
"Look at that drunk guy over there. He’s staggering all over the place."
Husband said "Well, who is he?"
She said "Well about 10 years back, he proposed to me."
Husband said "He’s still celebrating!"

Gacha Life - Sexy Diet

Sexy Diet

Can you imagine how sexy I would be...
If I ate right and actually took care of my body?
I mean... I’m not going to.
But... can you imagine?

Gacha Life Hit a Guy with Glasses

You Wouldn't Hit a Guy With Glasses Would You?

You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses would you?
You hit a guy with glasses.
Well played.

Gacha Life I'm Not Fat, I'm Hot

You Wouldn't Hit a Guy With Glasses Would You?

OMG, I get it now.
You get what?
You know when things heat up, they expand?
I’m not fat. I’m HOT!

Gacha Life Prettiest Girl At the Party

Prettiest Girl at the Party

Where’s Bubbles?
She’s probably upstairs combing her hair so she can be the prettiest girl at the party.
I’m gonna be the prettiest girl at the party.

Gacha Life Toilet Making A Poopy

On the Toilet Making a Poopy

I'm pooping. I'm pooping.
I am on the toilet making a poopy.
oh oh oh It’s going doopy doopy in the toilet water.

Gacha Life Social Anxiety

Someone with a lot of Social Anxiety

Hi, you've reached someone with a lot of social anxiety.
I appreciated you inviting me to the thing, but I'm not coming.

Gacha Life Talking to Myself Without Feeling Weird

Talk to Myself Without Feeling Weird

You know I just realized TikTok is just an excuse
to talk to myself without feeling weird about it.
Great, now all of a sudden, I feel weird about it.

Gacha Life OnStar Emergency

OnStar Emergency Locked Out of Car

OnStar Emergency, this is Steve. Is there an emergency in the vehicle?
OMG! OMG! I locked myself in my car, and the keys are on the outside.
Ma'am, ma'am... I need you to calm down.
Okay, it's just the windows are rolled up, and I'm starting to sweat.

Gacha Life Downloaded TikTok as a Joke

Downloaded TikTok as a Joke and Now I'm Addicted

I downloaded TikTok as a joke and now i’m addicted.
And um, I make TikTok everyday cause I just want to be on the For You page
and want to be famous but a lot people watch my videos, and they don't...
follow me, so I won't get famous.

Gacha Life New Day Comes New Strength

New Day Comes New Strength

With a new day comes new strength.
And if all you did today was hold it together.
I'm proud of you.

Gacha Life Worth Every Good Day

You are Worth Every Good Day

You are worth every good day.
And every bad one too.

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