Gacha Life TikTok Friends Volume 2

Volume Edition 2: This is a mix media of Gacha Characters along with the Real Video from "Our Friends on TikTok" that have built a community for us on there.

Our friends have created more great content than what is showcased in this curated short video.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.  We also requested permission to use their TikTok content to make this short video, and we are very appreciative .

Gacha Life TikTok Police Indecent Exposure

Police Call It Indecent Exposure

It only takes a second.
To show someone how you really feel about them.
I mean police call it indecent exposure!

Gacha Life TikTok Doing That Thing Again

TiTok's Doing that Thing Again

TikTok's doing that thing again.
Where it hides all my videos from all my friends.
I worked so hard, and they get no views.
Tell me TikTok what did I dooo...

Gacha Life TikTok Convicted of Arm Robbery

Convicted of Arm Robbery

She likes my diamonds and pearls.
I said "Thank you! I'm convicted of arm robbery."

Gacha Life TikTok Through Bot's Eyes

See Yourself through Your Bot's Eyes

You are very cute.
You have excellent dance moves.
You have nice eyebrows and amazing hair.
You make awesome videos. Perfect. The best I have seen ever.
Learn to see yourself through your Bot's eyes.

Gacha Life TikTok Likes This Post Has Crush on Me

Likes this Post has a Crush on Me

Whoever likes this post has a crush on me!
Lets see who has a crush on me.

Gacha Life TikTok First Like Hit With Bus

First Like

911 - What’s your emergency?
This girl commented "First Like" when I was first like so I hit her with a bus!
Well, I guess she’s can’t be first like no more!

Gacha Life TikTok Soft Tacos

Friends Having Soft Tacos

You my friend knows we are having soft taco later.
Sugar peas!
Drop them!
I got you a present.
I'm a bomb!
Everything gonna be fine! You just need to believe!

Gacha Life TikTok Donuts are Empty Inside

Donuts Are Empty Inside

If I were a food, I would be a pizza because I'm so cheesy!
I'll be a hamburger because I got great buns.
I'll be a donut because I'm empty inside.

Gacha Life TikTok Say the ABC Backwards

Say the ABC Backwards

Have you been drinking?
No sir!
Say the ABC backwards.
"The ABC backwards."

Gacha Life TikTok Pink Heart Crush

Pink Heart Crush

If you are my friend, put a purple heart.
If you are bestie, put a red heart.
If you have a crush on me, put a pink heart.

Gacha Life TikTok High Five If you Want to Be Friends

High Five If You Want to Be Friends

I like you. Let's be friends.
High five if you want to be friends!

Gacha Life TikTok You and Me Right Now

You and me. Right Now!

You and me. Right Now!
We are having it out.
Let’s go! Come on! Come on!

Gacha Life TikTok What's Going on Inside Their Heads

What's going on inside their head?

You ever look at someone and wonder...
What's going on inside their head?
Pappa, what are you doing inside my subconscious?

Gacha Life TikTok Name is Gabby Gabby

Name is Gabby Gabby

My name is Gabby Gabby.
And this is my very good friend Vincent.
Oh, Woody, pleasure to meet you.
It's nice to meet you Woody!
And you are?
This is Forky.
I'm trash.

Gacha Life TikTok Master Baiter

Promoted to the Master Baiter

The marina is hiring.
$50 an hour to bait a hook.
And after 30 days, you get promoted to the master baiter.

Gacha Life TikTok Don't Like Who I am

Don't Like Me For Who I Am

If you don't like me for who I am,
Well then move on cause I'm not changing.

Gacha Life TikTok Skin Clearer Than Your Future

Skin is Clearer than Your Future

Honey, my skin is clearer than your future.
These eyebrows are better than your mom's paycheck.

Gacha Life TikTok Smile for the Camera

Smile for the Camera

Smile for the camera then.
Smile for the camera then.

Gacha Life TikTok God is Playing Angry Birds

God is Trying to Play Angry Birds

Hey, did you ever wonder?
When a bird hits your window,
instead of being freaked out,
maybe God is trying to play Angry Birds?

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