Gacha Life Our Friends of TikTok Volume 4

Volume Edition 4: This is a mix media of Gacha Characters along with the Real Video from "Our Friends on TikTok" that have built a community for us on there.

Our friends have created more great content than what is showcased in this curated short video.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.  We also requested permission to use their TikTok content to make this short video, and we are very appreciative.

Gacha Life Averagely Pretty Check

Averagely Pretty Check for TikTok

Averagely pretty check.
But not pretty enough to make it on TikTok.

Gacha Life Awkward Moment Post

Awkward Moment Post on TikTok

That awkward moment when you really want to post something.
But you can’t.
Because you already told people you are going to bed.
And you aren’t answering their texts or calls anymore.

Gacha Life TikTok Make Out

TikTok Make Out Joke

What’s up TikTok?
So, does anyone want to make out?
Make out a check for me for a thousand dollars?

Gacha Life Little Johnny Joke

Little Johnny Asked His Mommy for Money

Little Johnny asked his mommy one day.
"Mommy, can have some money?"
She said "Johnny, what you want money for?"
He said "I want to give it to an old man."
She said "An old man?"
She said "That is really nice of you Johnny."
She said "In that case, yeah yeah you can have some money."
She said "Where’s the old man?"
Johnny said "He’s down there at the end of the street."
"Don’t you hear him playing music in the ice cream truck?"

Gacha Life Dogs Are Great

Dogs are Great!

Dogs are great.
Dogs are great.
Guess what?
Dogs are great!

Gacha Life Time For Breakdown

Don't Have Time for a Breakdown Now

No, No, I don’t have time for a breakdown now.
I got to get back to my Banana - Carrot - Surprise.

Gacha Life How's the weather up there

How's the Weather Up there?

Wow, you are so tall.
How’s the weather up there?
Hahaha - It’s raining.

Gacha Life You Don't like Me

You Don't Like Me

Wow, you are so tall.
How’s the weather up there?
Hahaha - It’s raining.

Gacha Life Come Back Like A Boomerang

Come Back Like A Boomerang

I don’t really care about what they say.
I’m gonna come back with a boomerang.
Won’t let the haters get their way.
I’m gonna come back like a boomerang.

Gacha Life I love you guys

I Love You Guys TikTok

You matter, you are amazing.
I love you guys.
And I so appreciate everything you guys do.
Just remember, there are times when you don’t think what you post is worth posting.
Post it cause you can change one person’s life.

Gacha Life You Just Need to Believe

You Just Need to Believe

You my friend knows we are having soft taco later.
Sugar peas!
Drop them!
I got you a present.
I’m a bomb!
Everything gonna be fine! You just need to believe!

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