Gacha Life TikTok Our Friends Volume 6

Volume Edition 6: Gacha Life Characters of "Our Frinds of TikTok". Our friends have created more great content than what is showcased in this curated short video.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.  We also requested permission to use their TikTok content to make this short video, and we are very appreciative.

Gacha Life TikTok Not Liking My Videos

Not Liking My Videos

Why are you on my page?
And you not liking my videos???
Like seriously!

Gacha Life Stop Doing TikTok

Stop Doing TikTok

Somebody told me to stop doing TikTok today.
Because I don't get any likes anymore.
I thought I had friends.
Do I have any friends anymore?

Gacha Life TikTok Play Roblox

You Guys Play Roblox

If you guys play Roblox
Put your Roblox’s username in the comments section
So I can play with you.
Because I literally have no one to play with.
And I am... bored.

Gacha Life TikTok Don't Usually Go to the Moon

I Don't Usually Go to the Moon

I want everybody to know
I don’t usually go to the moon.
But when I do go to the moon,
I like really go to the moon.
And I went to the moon last night.
I’m still on the moon.

Post an Ugly Picture on My Missing Poster

If I go missing,
And y’all post an ugly picture on my missing poster.
I ain’t coming home.
Y’all drop the ball on that one.

Gacha Life TikTok Listen to Somebody Talk

Listen to Somebody Talk

You ever listen to somebody talk...
And just think to yourself.
I can literally hear your words being misspelled as they come out of your mouth.

Gacha Life TikTok Focus on the Positive

Focus on the Positive

Somebody call me Hot.
Full disclosure: this statement was you're Hot Mess.
But... we focus on the positive around here. So...

Gacha Life Have You Heard of TikTok

Have You Heard of TikTok

Hey, What's up?
What's up?
Hey, have you heard of TikTok?

Gacha Life TikTok I Am Curvy

I'm Curvy

Sure you want to eat that?
I'm curvy, and I like it.

Gacha Life TikTok There is No Next Time

There is No Next Time

Sometimes, there is no next time.
No second chance.
No time out.
Sometimes it is now or never.
Things change.

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