Gacha Life TikTok Our Friends Volume 7

Volume Edition 7: Gacha Life Characters of "Our Frinds of TikTok". Our friends have created more great content than what is showcased in this curated short video.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.  We also requested permission to use their TikTok content to make this short video, and we are very appreciative.

Gacha Life TikTok - It's Hannah Baker

It's Hannah Baker

Hey, it's Hannah.
Hannah Baker.
I’m about to tell you story of my life.
More specifically, why my life ended.
And if you are listening to this tape, you are one of the reasons why.

Gacha Life TikTok - Wake Up

Wake Up!

Wake Up.
Wake Up.
Wake Up.
Wake Up.
Wake Up.
Wake Up.

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Do You Know Santa

Do You Know Santa?

Oh, I heard about you.
Oh yeah, what have you heard about me.
I heard that you were naughty.
Who told you that?
Did Santa tell you that?
Do you know Santa!

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Life Love and Death

Life, Love, and Death

Life and death as loved birth.
And peace.
Is there anything that’s worth more.
Than peace for all of the planet.

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Love is like a Fart

Love is like a Fart

Love is like a fart.
Because if you have to force it,
It’s probably shit.
You’re welcome.

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Turn the Heart Red

Turn the Heart Red

If you don't know who I am.
Go to my page, and you will find out.
Like everything. Like it all.
Just watch em. Just watch em.
Turn that heart... RED.

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Pineapple on Pizza

Pineapple on Pizza

Pineapple on pizza.
Pineapple on pizza.
People have problem with pineapple on pizza.
I like pineapple on my pizza.
I also like meth.
Meth on my pizza.

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Only Like 25 Letters of Alphabet

I only like 25 Letters of the Alphabet

You know...
I only like 25 letters of the alphabet.
Because I love 'U'.

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Not  Going to Check Out My Profile

You are not Going to Check Out My Profile

I know why you are not going to check out my profile.
Or look at any of my videos.
That’s because you are afraid.
Afraid you are going to fall in love with me.
That’s alright.
I have that effect on people.

Gacha Life Character TikTok - Best Friends

My Best Friend is My Best Friend

My best friend is my best friend.
You mess with me, mess with her.
You mess with her, mess with me.
Mess with us...
Girl you better pray.

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